Welcome to the Development and Alumni Engagement website.

Here, we connect Stevens alumni to their alma mater. Look around and you’ll find information about events, benefits and more for almost 50,000 Ducks living around the globe.

As Stevens celebrates its 150th anniversary, we’re also working to make the university even better for current and future students. Read about The Power of Stevens, the most ambitious fundraising campaign in school history. See stories about generous donors who support the campaign goals of enabling student success, promoting faculty excellence, and creating a vibrant campus.

Per aspera ad astra – from adversity to the stars.

As the COVID-19 pandemic impacts communities worldwide, the Stevens alumni community is meeting the university’s motto by rising against adversity. Stevens is proud of its alumni who are on the front lines providing health care, researching solutions to problems caused by the pandemic, and giving pivotal support that sustains those in need.

Please visit the Stevens Rises Relief Fund webpage to see what you can do to support Stevens students affected by the pandemic, and to help them get back on track for promising futures.

Alumni & Community News

Stevens Alumni: 40 Under 40

For the past 150 years, Stevens graduates have used their hard-earned degrees to make a difference in fields as numerous and diverse as they are. The newest generation of alumni…

Portrait of resident physician Irene Rahman-Garcia ’12 wearing a mask in a hospital room

In Challenging Times, Look for the Helpers

Since COVID-19 stopped our world in its tracks in early 2020, the virus has done so much more than sicken millions and kill hundreds of thousands. A necessary retreat into self-quarantine…

Photo of entrepreneur and data scientist Raphael Presberg M.S. '18 in front of a colorful sculpture

Pandemic by the Numbers

When it comes to combatting a pandemic, data is key in knowing the enemy. The numbers of infections, deaths and recoveries have been important signposts for governments and public…

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